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gabapentin and muscle pain

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I think the thing with Gabapentin is that its for the burning nerve pain only. When my pain doctor asked me if i had burning, sharp, acky or deep pain I said I had all of those. I was already taking Tramadol HCL 50 mg for pain, and Baclofen 10 mg for muscle spasms, so he added Gabapentin for the burning pain. I still have pain, quite a bit when I do anything these days. I even had to stop taking physical therapy because every time I went recently I was completely injured and in bed the next day. The last time I had PT, I was down and in bed for 5 days. The pain has been excruciating and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do anything for months. But after 5 days I started feeling better, and I am encouraged. I had an MRI on Tuesday and see my spine surgeon this coming Monday. I think I will end up needing surgery sooner than they wanted. The surgeon was hoping that PT would work so I wouldn’t need surgery. It didn’t. Back to the medications.

I take 300mg of Gabapentin 2 times a day. I lose complete memories of some days. Yesterday I found a gift I was given for Christmas that I have no memory of receiving. It’s a membership to a wonderful museum of art, literature, etc. I love art and museums and literature, etc., so it was quite a special gift. I filled out the membership card and mailed it immediately. Who knows if I will remember it when my membership card arrives. That’s scary for me!! That and my imbalance and shakiness are from the Gabapentin I am sure. I don’t have the burning pain anymore, but I would rather have the burning than the side effects of the med. I have an appointment with my pain doctor for a reevaluation of my situation. I will tell him I want to titrate off the Gabapentin. I think the rest of my medications are fine. I don’t expect to be completely pain free as I don’t think that’s realistic. As long as I can live life well without excruciating pain I will be happy with that.

I haven’t been on this site very much due to the pain, but I am much better. We did have to cancel our camping vacation. My poor husband had planned everything out and made campsite reservations in December 2016. We were going to be gone for 5 weeks up the coast of California. But not now. Today I am going to see “An American in Paris” at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood with my granddaughter. In fact, I need to get ready now as its a matinée show. We have other great things to do coming up in the next 2 months and I plan on being able to do them. I love all the information people share on this site. It helps me determine what to discuss with my physician. Thanks everyone. Gail B

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I do not have severe pain from my Diabetic Neuropathy;what I get is cold feet,pins and needles,jabbing,etc. I am still taking
300mg Gabapentin in the AM and again after 7 PM.

Please talk to your doctors about other pain relievers:Botox and Ketamine.

@ujeeniack at what dosages are you taking the Botox and Ketamine ? How long have you been on all three ? What are your side effects? Thanks for sharing