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Shortness of breath mystery

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Hello apportee, I ABSOLUTELY would tell you NOT to put the cart in front of the horse!! In life we have enough on our plates just getting through each day WITHOUT worrying about every single “what if”!! PLEASE do not do this .. if only as a favor to me! I went down that road .. and was VERY sorry for it! Trust me .. IF and when you are diagnosed with MAI/MAC .. I and every single person on this Forum will be beside you on the journey .. holding your hand .. supporting you. But that is a BIG if! Just wait it out. I love the saying “Put your energy into what you can control .. and let go of what you CANNOT control!”

To me for you .. that means putting your energy into finding a good Pulmonologist who will do an effective sputum test .. sending it off to be tested for MAI/MAC .. AND YOU being patient for the necessary two months for the culture to come back .. THAT is letting go of what you CANNOT control .. the outcome. I hope you will understand what I am trying to get at? I am sending you LOTS of positive energy in your journey .. I know you need it right now .. and a hug! Katherine

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Thank-You for the sound advice. I will take it one day at a time and not rush into anything. I will talk to my pulmonlogist and ask his advice. Thank-You so much.