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Shortness of breath mystery

Lung Health | Last Active: Nov 21, 2016 | Replies (25)

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Welcome @smokeys, it can be a challenge to find a doctor in a new location. Have you asked your fifth doctor who supported you to write a report of the course of action and goals you were working towards? That way you can share the test results and treatment goals with your future doctor as you interview them.

I’m happy to see @apportee has already reached out to you. Hopefully you can problem-solve together. I’m also tagging fellow Connect members @heathert @texas7777 @softballqueen @yoanne @cynaburst and @katemn who have all talked about shortness of breath for a variety of reasons, and may be able to shed some light according to their experiences.

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I was recently diagnosed with PVCs and with much reluctance, I started Toporol (low dose). Immediately helped with my symptoms. More energy, less feeling the PVC’s, etc., but still short of breath at times and headaches. MRI last week showed no issues in the brain, but showed a ton of sinus polyps that are probably contributing to my light-headedness, brain “tension” headaches, etc. I’ve noticed that my shortness of breath got worse, during the 2 days I was awaiting the MRI results. Thus, for me, it was related to some extent to anxiety. Maybe also due to me having 2 youngsters, stressful job, etc. Hang in there & visit this site often. A lot of great caring people in this discussion group.