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Shortness of breath mystery

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I also suffer from shortness of breath when going up stairs and just walking a short distance. I have seen a cardiologist, lung specialist and had several test done . But no one have come up with a diagnosis on why I am having shortness of breath when walking. I am 59 yrs old now. Have been bother with this for 2 years now. Do anyone else have any information or input on this? Thanks

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Welcome apportee, the only thing I would add is to say that I had various tests taken .. was misdiagnosed .. UNTIL finally a Pulmonologist did a “sputum culture” which when two months later showed up with MAI/MAC .. MYCOBACTERIUM AVIUM Complex Pulmonary Disease. That finally led to proper treatment.

I am not saying that is your issue .. just that it helped me to find what was going on in my body! Don’t give up. I always remember an article I read when I was in my 20’s about a woman who just KNEW something was going on in her body .. ended up going to 17 doctors before you FINALLY was given a proper diagnosis! That memory helped me through raising my children .. didn’t give up when I couldn’t find an answer! YOU don’t give up until you find out .. YOU know your body better than anyone else! Sending you a hug in this journey to better health! keep us posted on how you are doing! Katherine

Thanks everyone for your input, I really appreciate it. The thought of me having mycobacterium avium complex pulmonary disease, that is a possibility. I will check with my doctor or my pulmonlogist about this condition, maybe I will finally get a diagnosis for my shortness of breath and cough. Again thank everyone for your reply.

If you don’t mind sharing, what was your treatment regime for mycobacterium avium complex pulmonary disease? Thanks

Apportee….have you had a cardiac stress test and nuclear scan ?
All of us are so different but ….
I had been increasingly fatigued to the point of having to rest after walking half a block…my pulmonary function tests were stable..as were blood pressure…ekgs,…all blood tests…the stress test was normal ….however the brand new nuclear scan machine showed an area of heart was ischemic…wonderful cardiologist did cath test and found a coronary artery 99% blocked. One angioplasty and 2 stents later and the ischemic area back to normal and I am back to having energy except the persistent cough.so see if you can get these tests done…the nuclear scan was the most accurate for spotting the issue.
Terri s

Thanks @tdell. I have not had a nuclear scan. I have had all the other ones and they were Normal. My doctor is not so receptive to patients suggestions. Remain short of breath and walking short distances have not improved. Thank you for your reply.

apportee, I can ONLY speak for myself .. but quite frankly I would NEVER work with a doctor who was “not so receptive to patient suggestions”. That doctor would be OUT THE DOOR as I quickly started my research for a second opinion. I may be age 73 .. but I am NOT of my parents generation where doctors were “gods” .. and we were to sit reverently at their feet! GARBAGE!! As far as I am concerned .. doctors are my EMPLOYEES .. AND I me THEIR EMPLOYERS!! Enough said and I will get off my soap box .. but it ticks me off when I hear about doctors are still of the old school and will not “work with” the patient. Just my opinion. Katherine

Apportee…not being a trouble maker but reminding you….all my tests except the nuclear scan were normal including the stress test. Terri s

Thanks @katemn, I agree. I needed that. I will discuss this with my doctor.

apportee, you just follow your OWN good instincts. I think sometimes as women we “stuff” our gut instincts .. which is our body/brain telling us what is right for us. My guess is right along your “gut instinct” TOLD you .. you had a funny feeling that your doctor was not “respecting” your opinions .. or just SOMETHING .. your instincts TOLD you .. but as women we stuff them .. tell ourselves ” they are right and WE are wrong”. BULL! YOU follow what YOU know you body is telling you! You have lived in that body longer than that doctor has! You KNOW when it is goofy .. NOT what it used to be like. Fight for your body .. so it can take good care of you for the rest of your life! We are given just one body in this lifetime .. it is a partnership .. we take care of it .. it takes care of us! You go girl! Take care of yourself! Sending you a hug! Katherine

@apportee, I too, have had shortness of breath.. I do not know where you live or any details, but I’ll tell you what’s happening here for me. I am a liver/kidney transplant recipient 7 years. And being on antirejection meds makes me real nervous when anything changes for me. Well, I’m an avid walker and I enjoy a good hike. This year I have experienced a sudden change in my ability, due to breathlessness. This was especially noticeable on hills where I had to work harder. I went from 4,5,6 miles walks to not making it up the stairs. Frightening situation with hospital observation. Cardiology and pulmonary works ups are excellent. And I did not have any breathlessness during any of those tests. I am thankful that my family physician knows my background and that he was proactive in moving forward. Right now I am being considered to have exercise induced asthma, possibly due to the absolute awful humid yucky air we are having this summer. With daily inhaler, emergency inhaler, and allergy medication, I am hopeful that I may be on road to happy hiking. In the past 3 weeks I have worked back up to 3 mile walks. I keep a diary of my progress and will follow up with pulmonologist in November. I don’t have any idea why this came on now; it is not a typical side effect of my meds. I don’t know if this information helps you , but it is another thought to consider.
I hope that you get some answers soon. Rosemary