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prostate cancer treatment choices

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Hello @markbenson, and welcome to Connect. I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I encourage you to watch the live Video Q&A with Dr. Mitchell Humphreys about prostate cancer, which will take place tomorrow, Monday Sept. 25th at 5pm. You can participate in the Video Q&A right here on Connect; feel free to post your question before or during the presentation. You can view details and sign-up here:
I’d also like to introduce you to some members talking about prostate cancer on Connect. Please meet @donnelson @flor @BuckyFestoon @giddyup1 @morris @rinron @BuckyFestoon @ronoir.
And, you may wish to read this past discussion, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/prostate-cancer/, where members have also shared their experiences with prostate cancer and removal of prostate.

@markbenson, may I ask if you would share why you chose to have your prostate removed rather than undergo radiation therapy?

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I decided on surgery because I have seen so many friends and family suffer from radiation therapy and it often was not effective. I would rather have surgery than deal with chemo

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