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prostate cancer treatment choices

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This is Dglass reporting from Fla mayo country
I had proton beam therapy in Jax after I had a liver transplant . Liver transplant 2011 , proton beam summer
2013 . Subsequently my PSA shot up January 2016
Then I had cryo surgery in summer of 2016 a salvage
Job at mayo Rochester ……. subsequently my PSA
Went down and now has gone back up to 6.8 although
Down from 7.7 in February of 2017 .
My opinion is that radiation / radical surgery / hormone
Therapy …… all leaves you with a ratio of 75 to 98%
Of no cancer … but… it still leaves a very large percentage of us with additional surgery ,radiation,chemo
Or hormone therapy !!!! Best of luck keep plugging away at it

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You have been through a lot after your transplant although you sound like you will keep on fighting to eradicate all of the cancer. Great attitude! I came off double bypass open heart surgery 2 years ago and recovered. I am now faced with the challenge of prostate cancer. My Gleason score is 7 and the Urologist gave me a choice of surgery or radiation. I recently met with a Radiologist/Oncologist and he mapped out the treatment options to me. He knows I ruled out surgery so he advised to take hormone therapy coupled with radiation. The hormone shot was to last 6 months and within that time I would under go radiation treatment. The side effect could range from no Libido and no testosterone with the hormone shot. I opted for straight radiation which will consist of 28 treatments over 5.3 weeks. I start June 26th.

All the Best to you!

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