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Weighted vest or vibration plate

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I’ve been considering a vibration plate even though I have slight scoliosis due to a degenerative disc. I think my good old body can handle 30hz and the lowest amp possible starting slow and working up to 10 minutes. All my life I have been athletic. I really think my diet messed me up the most. I was a vegetarian for too many years without paying attention to my protein needs.

I am still considering but right now am thinking of buying the VT007 @ vibrationtherapeutic.com. The maker of that device challenges Marodyne with his machine which can do similar vertical low vibration at 30hz but can do higher as well which makes it more versatile. He is an engineer and he developed the device which is made in Minnesota. He has an informative and very helpful website with the best information I’ve found explaining vibration plates in general and also comparing what he has developed to Marodyne and Power Plate. His device is much less expensive than Marodyne and Power Plate with a 10 year warranty and 90 day trial with free return. At least if it doesn’t work out one hasn’t lost as much money and one can return the device free of charge within 90 days. I would like to hear more about your weighted vest. If used correctly and with a safe weight I think that could help me also. My doctor said “no” but I think the doctors I deal with will say no to anything outside their realm of experience/knowledge.

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@trixiegirl I get that the Marodyne is expensive and that makes other vibration plates tempting. But to my knowledge none of the other vib plates were designed with bones in mind nor studied with bones in mind. I read a paper by the VT007 maker and I could see a number of flaws in his logic and a misrepresentation of Clinton Rubin and his work. And I'm no engineer at all, just reading carefully both the VT007 guy's paper and having listened to and read Dr Rubin's work. Dr Rubin's credentials are really solid, way way beyond VT007 person being an engineer. See https://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/bme/people/c_rubin.php if you're interested.

All that said I own a Marodyne and it did not seem to help me. And more importantly Belinda Beck of the LIFTMOR and VIBMOR trials has said in recent interviews that the Marodyne did not have any effect they could detect on bone density in the VIBMOR trial. Results of the trial are not yet published but she has stated this in more than one interview. Perhaps it has other good effects but at this point I would not recommend the Marodyne or any vibration plate to anyone.

The studies that have shown improvements in bone density have used intense weight training using movements like squats and deadlifts and impact from jumping (or hopping) and landing with force. My favorite examples are the LIFTMOR and related trials by Belinda Beck in Australia. I think it's also unknown if weighted vests help much. No definitive study. I'm using one with fingers crossed.
Good luck to all of us with bone loss