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New CG, Question 2: SNAKE OIL?

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People mean well, and it is easy to give unsolicited advice under the guise of unexperienced "knowledge." I usually say thank you and never mention it again. Once I looked at someone who was annoyingly insistent that we NEED to try their suggestion and said, "While many miracle cures have supposedly emerged from this product, the research also proves that there also exists many disastrous results therefore until my doctor recommends this, I will not risk using anything else." That usually ends the conversation.
As my hubby's LBD is progressing, the only outside thing I have tried is CBD oil and that was actually recommended by a doctor as a possibility to help with aggressive behaviors - and there is a huge body of emerging MEDICAL research for using CBD oil for this reason in LBD (I am not sure about alzheimers). By the way, it has worked much better than any pharmaceutical for him. Everyone is different.
You are the one charged with the huge responsibility of making the best decisions for your wife.....it sounds like you are doing a great job during an impossible, unceasingly heart breaking time in your life. Continue to trust your instincts and know that you will make many, many mistakes, but you will also make life so much better for both of you by listening to your head and your heart.
God bless.....

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CBD oil...hummm... I've always felt like anything that works on everything can't be realistic. But I do know that MANY doctors suggest it. I thinks it's a no-harm-no-foul substance.