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CA-125 Rising

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Regarding seeing a PA rather than the doctor, that seems to be the norm in my area (for any kind of doc, not just oncologist). When I was first diagnosed, through the debulking surgery, and for several chemo treatments after that, I saw my oncologist. After that, I always see the PA before treatments, and only see the oncologist after a scan has been done. I think if I insisted on an appointment with the doctor, I could get it though, but I'm okay seeing the PA as I know any concerns will be discussed with the doctor. My CA-125 has been rising steadily since Oct last year, and no explanation so far. They tell me they are monitoring it, whatever that means. My doctor says they rely more on imaging, and since my last three PET scans have shown no sign of activity or new implants, she does not feel we need to change the course of treatment. But after my last CA-125 test last week, where it has risen to 295, I am concerned. I haven't done it yet, as I want to formulate some questions, but I will be sending a message to her on MyChart. Since I'm dealing with OC as well as melanomas that keep popping up (8 since October), it's a double whammy. My dermatologist has no explanation for so many melanomas coming out, as I have seen her regularly every six months for years for upper and lower body checks. I am now seeing her every 3 months (going for biopsy of four moles next week while still waiting to see surgeon for two she found last month). My oncologist does not feel there is any connection between OC and rising CA-125. I've read enough to know that a weakened immune system can cause melanomas, and that is probably what is driving mine (been on chemo over two years, plus got bad sunburns in my youth). I am still looking for reason for my rising CA-125 and haven't found an answer yet.

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Sometimes it’s hard to say which causes more anxiety: not having answers or getting bad news. I think it really helps to know you are doing everything you can to find the answers. That’s all any of us can do.