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Welcome to Connect @romanjay26. You’ve been taking Anagrelide and/or hydroxides for 23 years for your ET. Those are very standard medications for treating the over production of platelets. Were you switched from either of those medications to the Peg-interferon to control the platelets instead?
Were the treatments no longer working for you? Is this when your thyroid started to change or have you had thyroid issues for a number of years?

I’m a little confused by what you mean about increasing another medication from 125mg to 200mg daily. Is this a thyroid medication that you’re taking as well as the Pegasys interferon?
According to information on the Pagasys site, it states that: “ Pegasys (peginterferon alfa-2a) can cause or worsen diabetes and thyroid problems.”. So this may be why your thyroid levels may be ‘deranged’. That’s such an interesting term…one not used in the States. I’m not sure what that really means but sounds as though it warrants investigation!

Losing weight so abruptly, with blood loss and bowel inflammation must be very worrisome for you. Have you brought these symptoms to the attention of your oncologist or primary care physician?

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Sorry for late reply,just come home from vacation,I started on Anagrelide 20 years ago but it just didn’t agree with me,then I was put on hydroxides but I had read studies that taking this drug for a long period of time can put a strain on your bone marrow and there was more chance of getting Leukemia,I got thyroid issues about 10 years ago everything was fine until about 6 months ago,severe migraines,weigh loss,they said my thyroid was not functioning so I’ve had the dose increased from 125 to 200micrograms of levothyroxine,my GP told me it was stable,but my oncologist sent me a letter telling me it’s deranged,also on my holiday I noticed just below my breast line on either side I have what looks like purple bruising under my skin so I’m going to see my doctor I’m going to let them know about what you have said regarding the injections,they increased the dose about a year ago and I think that’s when I started having problems with my thyroid,Thankyou for your advice