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Facet joint disease

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Mornin' @snowmass
Having such intense pain for the following days after this treatment was difficult and confusing. I needed others to tell me if they had experienced the same.... today it has eased greatly... more of a numb sensation.
"Shockwave therapy", I am told is a technique using electrical pulse to reduce swelling, inflammation. The 'wand' is moved over the swollen area while the blasts of electricity are discharged into the tissue.... yes, it is uncomfortable, especially when near bone... which happens on an ankle!
However, this works. My tendonitis of the Achilles is much improved... some swelling is there, but pain reduced and I can weight bear too.
Before treatment they said, "this is uncomfortable, but only lasts for 4 minutes"..! This is true! Considering the usual length of time and discomfort from Achilles tendonitis, this is good. Next appointment... next week.
I don't know of any side effects, other than less than anticipated results. I did meet one woman who had debilitating pain, who said she had the procedure every 8 months; she noted that one time she did not experience the best of pain relief, but all other times it was a "life-changer".
One thing I would ask your doctor how long they anticipate recovery and what to expect in recovery. I took about 6 weeks, but had wonderful results. Definitely worth the recovery time and initial discomfort.
I hope you too will enjoy this excellent result, and enjoy life without that pain and restriction on your life.
Thank you for your kind words. I had written my note during heavy pain and the medication fog.
Today does seem a better day., and the sun is shining!

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Hi @snowmass
Just to clarify... I am talking about both procedures... the line starting "I don't know of any side effects", I am returning to ablation therapy.
The paragraph starting with "shockwave" and going to the words "next week", I am referring to the ankle treatment.
I am blaming the drugs -- but maybe its just the person!
Have a great day.