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I have one sister with a CLL diagnosis who is in the watch and wait mode. She may actually have SLL but refuses to have a lymph node biopsy performed.

Another sister died from Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma many years ago prior to effective treatments. That form of lymphoma is extremely aggressive and hard to treat to this day.

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Why are people so stubborn to get diagnosed. It’s just better to find out so it can be treated. Le sigh…
SLL and CLL are identical under a microscope. The only difference is where the cells are primarily located. CLL in the blood, SLL in the lymph nodes. They’re treated same way and are one of the more responsive forms of leukemia. I hope your sister doesn’t wait too long…

And I’m sorry your other sister passed away from ALL. In children there’s a good chance of a cure. But it tends to be lower for adults so I’m sorry that your sister was a victim. I lost my brother to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when he was 27. That was in 1969. Now it has a cure rate of 95%. Let’s hope for a future where all cancers can be either prevented or cured, right?