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Could it be MS?

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I have had many of your symptoms. Here are some of my questions for you.

1. Have you had blood work (full thyroid panel TSH, T3, T4, and TPO, iron, vitamin D, vitamin B12)? Thyroid issues and iron deficiency can cause many problems.
2. What did you have checked with MRIs (brain, cervical spine, etc.)? If you haven’t had a cervical spine to check if you have any compression on spinal cord or nerve roots, I would suggest you do. I have cervical spondylitic myelopathy at C5C6 and it caused headaches, neck/shoulder pain, heaviness in legs when walking and balance issues, weak/numb arms/hands/legs/feet, bladder control and urgency/frequency, etc.
3. Did you ever have an accident, fall or play contact sports which may have caused injury and some of your symptoms?
4. Have you ever had mononucleosis/Epstein-Barr virus, chickenpox, herpes virus, shingles, Covid vaccine/virus etc.? These viruses can continue to cause havoc on your central and peripheral nervous system and health since they hang out in your body (some for life)? You can be tested for these viruses to see if they are causing any of your symptoms.

Don’t let doctors make you feel your symptoms are all in your head. You are young and these symptoms are newer and you know your body best. You also know how these symptoms are affecting your quality of life and need to assertively advocate for yourself to get help with proper diagnoses and treatments.

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Lyme test as well.