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I've had fatigue for maybe 10 years now and went to a prim care doc thinking maybe my Vit B12 was low. It wasn't. I have had to work real hard to accomplish doing things for a long time now-and it's just discouraging.
I have a history of sporadic severe nasal allergies, starting as a young woman when I was labeled disabled from allergies 50 years ago and have had several surgeries to remove nasal polyps. That was my only medical issue until the last 10 years or so. I began having breathing problems couple years ago, my eosinophils were skyrocketed, was told I had "like" overreactive immune system and prescribed Breo inhaler. When my breathing problems went away I eventually stopped the inhaler and breathed perfectly for the past year-until just recently when the breathing problems returned (lots of mucus in lungs). (something that comes and goes???) And my sinus is now flared also.
Additionally, I have redness on my cheeks and itchy rash on my back. I've always been light sensitive but only during the solstices when the seasons change-but am not a witch. Snork! And I am having balance problems to boot (but only with movement) it seems.
The 10 year fatigue is the only constant. Strangely enough, my severe allergies flared up as a young woman and now 50 years later. And the breathing problems, which come and go are a newer problem. I have no muscular or joint issues so it seems I should be seeing an immunologist-but I don't believe they do autoimmune diseases. In any case, I agreed to travel (just a bit) in order to get a sooner appoint (next week) with the rheumatologist. Yay! The prim care doc says that rheumatologists do it all. I went back and reread the notes from the prim care doc visit and he had added a dx of chronic fatigue syndrome. I guess I am feeling really anxious because of the bad sinus and lung flare up I am experiencing (once again) now and fear ending up in the ER if I can't get it under control. I have started the Breo daily (as in the past) and also ibuprofen which helps me a lot with the inflammation. The lack of answers and understanding of my symptoms by the docs doesn't help and leaves me feeling like an anomaly with no help available for me. Phew! So I guess I've had strange and severe allergic reactions from an early age which went away for most of my life, but returned with a vengeance in my old age. (maybe)

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@rebaba Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! I hope you’ll learn something from other members! Actually, @pb50 is great and it’s wonderful that she got you started. We’re not able to interpret your lab values so we’ll wait to see what the doctor says. Unfortunately, The incidence of autoimmmune diseases have skyrocketed the the last few years and doctors are racing to catch up. This article from the Autoimmune Assoc might help you in collecting your thoughts before your appointment. https://autoimmune.org/resource-center/diagnosis-tips/
I look forward to hearing about your visit next week!

i will be very interested to hear how your appt goes with the rheumatologist. i went to one once and she asked me why i was there. I have an allergist/immunologist and a pulmonologist who treats my asthma—with Breo. When i develop rashes, i see a dermatologist. I have rare and less than occasional autoimmune conditions (eg losing vision including sudden color blindness and lack of depth and at times anaphylactic reactions. for years i took allergy shots