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I feel so bad for you. Pushing your colon back thru the opening sounds just like mine...weird huh!! At age 16, I don't remember having any hard bowels. I have read the same info about miralax not being used if: constipation is actually a blockage, not for use longer than 2 weeks, unless dr. says it is ok.
I agree with you, it's given me a bit of anxiety taking it LONG term and in ELEVATED amounts... but like you, what else can we do?
The reason for the 2 X-rays, is the gas in the colon moves up in the colon and gives a more complete picture of what is going on inside.
The Mass: is it on the same side as the hernia, I think it is, but not sure I understood? Was has your doctor said about the Mass? This is the mom and patient talking...THE MASS IS NOT OK, NO MATTER WHAT THE SCANS SAY!!!!
I would do the enema, now. No it's comfortable, yes it's painful. I only use the name brand, FLEET. I layer a few towels on the floor to kneel on, a pillow to lay my forehead on. I put a teeny bit of Vaseline on enema insert, but be careful not to block up the holes. Bend on all fours and insert, squeeze and re-squeeze to get as much of it inside. There will be some left over in the bottle. Then do whatever helps you keep the enema fluid in as long as possible, while still keeping the pain tolerable. I rock back and forth, side to side, I have no idea why this seems helpful to me. When the pressure gets stronger I rock faster, it seems to lower the pressure for a bit. When you do let it rip into the toilet, take a good look at it, look for anything that is odd to you. Keep me posted, if you want to.
I was just in the ER 4 days ago with a heavy fecal load and urinary retention and now I have a catheter I have to carry around for a week +-. If I repeat myself, feel free to tell me I am doing it. Old age sucks, I suggest that you never get old, it's like having a new pain/problem every other day 👎🏼

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Wow I'm so sorry, I will pray for you to feel better! I know being constipated can make it hard to urinate. I hope it gets better quickly! Thanks for the info about the enema. I'm a little nervous but I'm definitely thinking of trying it shortly. And yes, the mass is on the same side as the hernia. My PCP can feel it but can't tell what it is so he's sending me to a G.I. in a few weeks to get it checked out further, and I'll see if I can get 2 X-rays. In the meantime I can do the enema and who knows? Maybe that'll clear it up.