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MELD increase and hair growth

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Hi @v1crew, that is not something that I’ve experienced. I’m sorry I can’t add any input on it. I remember one of my liver doctors saying something like: “you could look at 5 people with the same liver disease and they could all show some different symptoms”. I hope that you are making progress on your journey to transplant. Rosemary

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THanks.. Not a big deal. Just curious. At least it isn’t something that makes me feel worse! I just found it quite strange that after 3 years the hair decided to grow back. I know it falls out due to hormone fluctuations,but I have read nothing about it suddenly growing back, Especially right as my MELD score jumped up. Just one more reason for people to say “you don’t look sick” lol. if they only knew……

Maybe someone else will see your post and share their experience with you. I do not know much about the pre transplant journey for the other organs. It would be interesting to hear some of those other experiences. BTW you brought back to my mind that “But, you don’t look sick” comment that I, too, received so often. grrrrrr! Another one is, “You should try … They say it’s good for the liver”. Keep on being proactive in your health. I’m cheering for you! Rosemary

Thank you! It is true,When people see you and your having a good week, and then all the sudden you don’t leave the house and sleep for 3 days, and they say things like that. And you are right people who are not sick think a couple capsules of milk thistle will fix everything. It is going to really get bad when I get my service dog, which I am going to train to alert to ammonia , and blood loss and a few other things to help me out as I get sicker. Whatever, I don’t let those things bother me to much, as I have way more important things to worry about right now, like staying alive,lol!