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My husband had a liver transplant six weeks ago. The After the transplant, it was discovered he has hepatopulmonary Syndrome, a complication of liver failure. The new liver is doing well, and this transplant is the cure for hepatopulmonary Syndrome. But the healing process for the lungs takes between six months to a year. He is currently on oxygen, and he has not yet seen the lung specialist--though he has an appointment.

He has a home oxygen concentrator, and we usually set it between 4LPM to 8LPM. His levels drop when he sits or stands. For our frequent, required trips to the doctor, we must bring an oxygen tank, and the oxygen runs out during our one-hour-trip unless we set the tank to 3LPM or lower.

Should this worry us? We measure his oxygen via a finger monitor. What if his oxygen drops below 85? Is this okay for the duration of the trip? I'm concerned this may harm him.

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Before my lung transplant I was on oxygen, 4L at rest and 8L with exercise or activity. For my trips to Mayo I had a Double Tank Cart so the tanks were more stable, and would stop to change tanks when needed. My oxygen supply company was very helpful with supplying me with the double tank cart and tanks. I had 10 large and 7 small tanks so I would not run out. I used their small tanks for quick in and out tasks.
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I had my oxygen company bring me extra tanks for my spouse. The goal is 90% oxygen unless your provider said 85% is okay. Before transplant, I had 7 large tanks for our trips, I kept on hand. And more if we were going places. Ask your oxygen company for extra tanks for your travel needs. Different sizes are also available.