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@storm6 my tinnitus never stops. By triggers I mean things that make it much worse for awhile, but it is always there regardless. I have mild hearing loss in the upper range on the left side, which doesn't really explain it. I think tinnitus falls through a crack between ENT and neurology and even neurotology and there really isn't much help. Audiologists have been suggested but not sure they would help either. Have you tried masking, or hearing aids? I cannot play rain sounds at night: I wake up without any sense of balance and facial numbness. The problem is on our brains, we are told, but loud noise definitely causes me some symptoms.

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my favorite place ,a good windy beach, standing at the edge of the waves ,surrounded by nothing , I did ask if I could have a head replacement , my sense of humour does not always reach some humans ,but it gets me through dodgy
stuff, I always manage to find the funny bits in situations , My doc tells me not to lose my sense of humour , it took me ages to find his !!!!! I have met various levels of brain and hearing experts ,and I do sometimes wonder what they are being paid to do , What are the symptoms of TNT The various sounds that sufferers hear vary enormously .and I have read that it has been known to cause self harm and suicide , I do ,or did ,enjoy reading ,but that pleasure has been removed . Do you think that if an expert really tried ,they could find the route the noise uses to warn the brain ,and block it ,with a dab of super glue or nip the offending road and just remove it , Just a thought !!!!