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Small lump under skin of reconstructed breasts

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So glad you reached out to us in the forum. It takes tremendous strength and courage to step out. Good for you! So very sorry to hear of the hiccup you're experiencing during your post reconstruction phase. During my annual MRI in November, the report came back as BIRADS 4 with a large area of suspicious looking multiple enlarged ducts. Which led everyone to start talking about ILC, and which led me to A LOT of research, which led to another MRI biopsy. Unfortunately, it took my sister-in-law reminding me of an impact injury that occurred to my right breast during a fall last August. The biopsy results didn't confirm ILC, so we are now thinking it was fat necrosis from the injury. The challenge is that fat necrosis and ILC can mimic each other, making biopsy recommended. Unfortunately, there isn't much published research on long term follow-up of fat necrosis, just that it's often seen after tissue injuries caused by breast surgery, and in cases of impact injuries with resulting inflammation. I'm a previous nurse so I get into the research weeds a lot with 4 surgeries and multiple MRI and mammogram biopsies in my history. My radiologist had recommended a 6 month MRI with contrast this June, which I declined because he couldn't tell me what they would be looking for and I didn't want another infusion of Gadolinium so soon. So my breast surgeon will be doing an ultrasound next month instead. It usually goes away on its own over time. The one study I found said it can take from months to 5 years to disappear. I am so glad to hear you are getting very good care at Mayo, a premier institution for cancer care. I am here holding positive thoughts for the outcome of your ultrasounds. Do let us know what you find out. Take care!

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Thank you so much for the encouragement, @gardenfairy ! This is very helpful information, and I really appreciate your own experience. It seems to me that this must be something harmless from the reconstruction. I will definitely let you know what I find out next month. You will be in my prayers as you wait for your ultrasound next month as well!