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That's right! You have so many reasons to get well and get on with life. I am your age and have kids and grandkids that give me so much joy and purpose. While I sure would have preferred to get through life not having to deal with this crappy disease, here we are. I've had to accept that cancer is my traveling partner in life but it needs to get in the back seat and shut the heck up! Lol. Good for you for doing that kind of walking! 6 km is amazing! Just envision your immune system strengthening and killing those cancer cells! There is some good reading out there that I've found very beneficial. Radical Remission by Kelly A. Turner and How To Starve Cancer by Jane McLelland are worth reading (much better than Dr. Google :). Also keep in mind that all those statistics you read online don't have you in them! You don't need to take that on. It helps me to feel a little more in control as well to incorporate some naturopathic care along with traditional medical care through supplementation, diet, vitamin C and mistletoe infusions etc. While waiting for your oncology appointment you can take things in your own hands and move the needle on your health. Remember to stay rooted in the facts and not let FEAR of the unknown take over.
Take good care and have a great day. It's a rainy one here today but that's ok.

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Thank you!! Great advice and support! Much appreciated !!