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Hello, I am also in Canada (SW Ontario). I started my lung cancer journey 4.5 years ago when I lived in North Carolina so I have experienced the health care system on both sides of the border. I had surgery in NC in 2020 (stage 2) and I had surgery in Ontario just 2 months ago. I have had excellent care in both places but in both places I had to advocate for myself and push a little. I connected with a wonderful respirologist here, Dr. Berkett, who opened doors for me at the Juravinski Cancer Center in Hamilton (even though I don't live in Hamilton). I knew I needed surgery and wanted to spare as much healthy lung tissue as possible. With that in mind I was referred to a surgeon who specializes in robotic thoracic. I can tell you that I have received excellent and responsive care in Ontario and have never received a bill for any of it. While in the US I also received excellent and responsive care and spent $30K out of pocket for my care even though I had health insurance. You will get the care you need - you can be sure of it - but push if you need to push. Stay positive and try to keep your stress in check (I know it's hard). Take a deep breath and trust that you'll get what you need. You're not alone!

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Wow, very encouraging news!
I had the VATS surgery and it's been 3 weeks and I'm walking 6km a day! So that is amazing, I think.
I have to wait to see an oncologist, and every day is a struggle, I'm so afraid things are spreading..
They took out 2 small tumors, 3 lymph nodes one showed cancer but margins were clear if that means anything. All the surgeon said was we don't know if cancer cells are somewhere else, so you need additional treatment.
But I'm definitely encouraged to hear you're experience. I just don't know much other than Dr. Google who can be terrifying. Here I see such success stories, lightens my ♥. Thank you so much for sharing, it means so much to me
And yes I will be an advocate for myself, I have ppl who need me around!!