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@zora0121, hi there, I just read your message and my heart goes out to you, I truly appreciate your concern with what you mentioned being a cancer survivor and I also live in Canada so we have a few things in common. I know it’s a struggle for us to get the help we need and waiting to see a doctor is very nerve wracking because we know that cancer doesn’t wait for anyone. I have been treated twice for lung cancer and I am 73. I marvel at the elderly people who have fought battles with their health and live to talk about it, the things people go through and share their experiences with us are inspiring and gives us hope and ultimately strength in numbers. I’m sorry you’re going through this but you’re going to get the help you need and you will find the strength inside of you…it’s also very encouraging to hear that the survival rate is rapidly going up thanks to doctors using scans more often, thus the cancer is found earlier and it makes all the difference for our lives. I see that you are in the early stages so they can do amazing things to help you get back your life, we do have some of the best hospitals and specialist in Canada and be rest assured you will get better, please stay connected here because there’s lots good people who will be there for you, good luck with your journey to back to good health.

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Omg, your words of encouragement mean the world to me, thank you, so much.
I'm trying to stay positive I have a second grandchild on the way and a son who was devastated to hear the suspicious nodule. I don't want to tell him my pathology because he has the baby due, is starting a new job and has so much on his plate.
I want to be aroundvfor those babies, to help support them.
Thank you again, for reaching out.