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Abdominal aorta calcification

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Hi Susan. Mine showed up on an X-ray of my lumbar spine. My PCP is taking a watch and wait approach. I am not sure if I am ok with that. I need to do more research.

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Yeah definitely do some research. I had a CAC score done this past November because my lab work showed a pattern of increasing calcium levels. So I took myself off to a cardiologist and said I want my cholesterol check, wanted an echo done and wanted a CAC test done as well. My insurance actually cover the CAC test which I was fully prepared for it not to. My cholesterol test showed elevated LDL which is due to family history cause I eat super clean and exercise daily. So I am now taking Pravaluent shots every other week cause I can't take statins. It was amazing how quickly it brought down my LDL levels. I had an ultrasound for unrelated liver issues and that was when the calcified plaque in the aorta showed up. Went back to the cardiologist and showed her the ultrasound results and she has now order an ultrasound specifically for the aorta. Will get it scheduled for as soon as they can get me in. I am a firm believer in advocating for myself because I've learned the hard way no one else is going to do it for me.