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I agree with the other comment. Get another opinion. In 17 years of CIC, with a GI, I have had many fecal impactions (large colon) and none were treated by the doctor. I have had 3 partial small intestine blockages (2 cleared up with tons of miralax, 1 landed me in ER and an ng tube). I have had 3 larger impactions in my anus, that required "digital removal)...translated it was my rubber gloved finger that had to dig out enough 💩 so the rest of the 💩 had a hole big enough to fit through. I've had X-rays, at my persistent demands, every 2-5 months for years. Every time it showed that I had a moderate to severe amount of fecal matter in my large colon. You say that you are using tons of laxatives already. You might try a Fleet enema(I tried the salt water enema..NEVER again. Using the enema will help loosen up an impaction if you have one, but starting from the opposite direction as swallowed laxatives. I f you have a thick impaction in your anus, it can plug the holes in the enema tube; you will know cuz the fluid will be on the floor instead of being in your anus. What leads you to believe you have an impaction? I could not really feel the impactions, other than cramping and bloating.
I had an inguinial hernia at 16, had the surgery. Keep a pillow close by, don't let anyone tell any jokes to make you laugh, if you do, squeeze the pillow harder than hard, to help with the pain.
I currently have a hiatal hernia, that standard procedure is to leave it alone until it causes problems, like exploding. So, I will be getting a second opinion.
I am fairly certain that, even if a Dr was going to do something about the fecal impaction, it absolutely wouldn't not be done at the same time as a hernia surgery. The issue, as explained to me, is the difficulty keeping the bazillion bacteria in your colon, out of the surgical site of the hernia. Also, the two issues would be treated by different doctors. Let us know what you find out. I would really like to know. Good luck and don't laugh!!do not cough, sneeze, reach out for something...it's amazing how a tiny incision can cause so much pain. It hurt more than the 2 years I had the hernia.

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Thanks for the advice and I hope you are able to have your hiatal hernia repaired soon and with less pain than for the inguinal one! What has it been like after you had the inguinal hernia surgery? I've heard that they make the repair really tight, so much so that at first you even feel like you have to bend over when walking. That makes me super nervous because I know my bowels are unable to move when I wear a pair of pants that are even the least bit tight, and I wonder if this would be the same problem, only permanent and worse. Do you think this is a valid concern?? Right now I am scared stiff. Also, how long did it take you to recover from the surgery? You have been through a lot! I have worried before that I would get a bowel blockage but so far have done ok. I may try an enema soon for the impaction if that's what this is. I will be so excited if that does the trick! I've heard that manually removing impactions yourself is dangerous (could cause injury or infection), but it's not really an option for me anyway since this is higher up in my system. I don't know for sure yet that I have an impaction, but I think I might because I've noticed a rock-hard mass in my belly that my primary care thinks feels like stool, and I have new occasional cramping. Ok, well, thanks so much for the information and I hope you feel better! I'll keep you posted.