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Psych symptoms post COVID

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My Doctor told me Covid can bring on phychosis.Undiagnosed autoimmune diseases,lymes and other viruses that covid can set off in the body can also cause phychosis.I have never been on any kind of medication for anxiety,but I knew that something was not right at all.I could not sleep,eat,go to the bathroom,focus on anything.Covid directly attacks the vagus nerve which controls stress responses and many other functions in the body.The Anxiety caused from Covid is not a normal anxiety because the body does not know how to react to it since it was manmade.It is absolutely horrible.

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This would make sense, as I had iatrogenic (doctor made) inflammation to my sinuses from surgery that was never addressed.
Never had anxiety before. It was like my body did not know what to do with the inflammatory reaction.

I did not know that it could bring on psychosis. I do know, in my experience, that this virus causes isolation, depression, anxiety and often hopelessness. The body is essentially fighting itself. The immune system has not shut off and is actually still on high alert. This causes inflammation. Inflammation is really bad for us. Cortisol levels rise from stress and our bodies are fighting and sick right now. I know that part of my isolating was that I felt so bad in the beginning. This has been going on for over two years and although I am getting better, it is still a fight. The post exertion malaise (PEM) is brutal and I do not have to do a whole lot for that to happen. Exercise was one of my coping skills before I got this damn virus. The feelings of powerlessness are hard to deal with. People not believing that Long COVID is real is also hard to deal with. I believe that is why support in groups like this one are very important. I also try to get up, immediately take my medications and try to find some kind of gratitude, even if it is something small. I highly recommend therapy. It has helped as well. Hang in there.

Covid can also cause seizures and Epilepsy - rare, but it does happen. You mention the vagus nerve - the longest nerve in the body. Some people with hard to control seizures benefit from a vagus nerve stimulator implant. Covid can also damage the hippocampus; loss of hippocampal neurogenesis in the brain explains a lot of issues with memory and executive function. This forum is one of the few places where we can connect the dots and help the medical community understand this terrible disease, and help each other understand what we are going through and find ways to get through it.