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My daughter passed away 3 years ago. Her son has lived with my husband and me since he was about 3 years old. He feels very guilty about the way he treated his mom before she passed. He has since developed OCD and cannot sleep a full night thru. His doctor gave him Zoloft for his depression and to help with OCD symptoms. He has no interest in anything. Rarely leaves the house. Eats only pizza, chicken and burgers. I have tried to offer him a variety of different foods but he is not interested. I am lost. I have no idea what to do for him. I know he needs help. My daughter was Mentally challenged, Bipolar Disorder, Manic Depressive, ADS, ADHD, schzephrenia? We adopted her when she was 10 weeks old. She had so much trouble in school and saw several doctors trying to get her medication managed. I know my grandson doesn't have all these but I'm afraid to let the little things go and them turn into bigger problems. I need some advice!!!!

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Welcome to Mayo Connect, it is a helpful caring community. No matter how much you love your grandchild, raising them comes with many challenges as well as rewards and at times can be overwhelming. And at same time, you probably still dealing with grief over death of daughter.

Would you mind sharing some additional information?
How old is your grandson is now?
Does he attend school ?
Beside medications has he been to therapist?

I hope some other parents / grandparents can provide you with some helpful advice.