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Chose not to get breast reconstruction

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Hello, I turned 70 on July 10th. Twenty eight years ago, I had a
preventative bi-lateral mastectomy at Mayo Clinic. I later found I was one
of the first they had ever done. I chose reconstruction and had nothing
but discomfort and pain. Two years ago, I had the implants removed and I
am very satisfied and comfortable. I was fitted for double prosthesis and
yes, they are hot, however, once used to them, they are not too bad. I
have gradually been going without them, and use them mainly for “going out
occasions”. I had residual skin flaps and I still have my own nipples, but
the look is not pretty, in close fitting clothing. I have tried camisoles,
and undershirt type things, and the puckering of my clothing across the
front, remains. I am gradually learning to live with it, and trying to
feel less self-conscious. It is difficult. I am on your journey, my
friend. Be brave, is all I can offer you for advice. Cherril

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Wow so proud of you to have done that 28 years ago I wish I would had done it they told me 8 years ago to do it I didn’t and I got stage 3 breast cancer so did my 2 sisters . There is an awesome Facebook page called ” flat and fabulous ” you may want to check it out they all help each other . Again wow so awesome you did that 28 years ago .

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