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Anyone participating in the Dapper Clinical Trial?

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My local radiologist is recommending salvage radiation to the prostate bed only without ADT, 66.6 Gy over 37 fractions which is similar to your treatment. You say no residual side effects. Any side effects during or shortly after treatments? What do you mean by "PCa tx therapeutic benefit?"
Thanks for your posting.

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Replies to "Michael, My local radiologist is recommending salvage radiation to the prostate bed only without ADT, 66.6..."

I was trying to express my concern about receiving higher doses of radiation each treatment over a shorter period of time. That may have been attractive to me if there was a treatment benefit to the higher exposure; in other words, if it worked better to eradicate my residual cancer. Theoretical Q because I did not have a choice and my treatment is completed.

Otherwise, I would have been concerned about the delivery of higher doses of radiation each treatment, even if the total dosage added up to the same 66.6 gy. If that makes sense.

As for radiation side effects (SEs), I did not feel that I had any the first month. The 2d month I had bowel issues (more frequent movements and diarrhea) and rectal irritation. All resolved w/in 2 - 3 weeks of completion of radiation.

My additional layperson input is to have a further discussion about ADT.

ADT SEs suck. Some men have more or less SEs, and mine probably were moderate. Still sucked.

And while I would have loved to avoid ADT altogether, my Radiation Oncologist at Johns Hopkins strongly recommended a short term of ADT, which he told me improved results by 20 % (and the SPPORT trial supports whole prostate bed radiation [WPRT] together with 4 - 6 mos of ADT).

I was prescribed a 4 month course of ADT, and I chose Orgovyx, and think that it was a good medication choice for me. I probably would have gone with 6 mos if "pushed" a bit.

My 2 friends received similar salvage radiation treatment from 2 different Rad Oncs at Johns Hopkins, but they each were prescribed 6 mos of ADT together with the radiation. One took Eligard and the other Orgovyx. Again, I do a worry if I was 2 months short in my ADT.

And that brings us back to the "Gerbil Wheel" conundrum of trying to decide or agree to the varying treatment recommendations for PCa.

I chose a Center of Excellence, decided that I trusted my Rad Onc and institution and followed his recommendations. Does not mean that I do not question, well, everything. I call it residual worry. Maybe that should be added as a SE to all PCa treatments. But now I digress substantially.

I hope that some (any) of this missive has been worthy of your consideration.

Best to all.