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hydrocephalus with overdrainage

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I would recommend finding a neurosurgeon that will listen to your concerns. The Hydrocephalus Association has a list on their website. http://www.hydroassoc.org

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Good Morning: I would recommend getting a second opinion. When I was diganosed with my brain tumor, I had hydrosephalus, and all my nuerosurgeons were Very concerned, because the tumor was so big and pushing my brain stem in, causing this . Don’t take it lightly, its a very serious condition, and can kill you. My nuerosurgeons after seeing my MRI told me if I got a headache to get to the ER. And the reason they told me that was, I had not had headaches at all, but because I had hydrosephalus from the tumors growth it was causing water to stay on my brain instead of drain into the spine like it was supposed to. Don’t let anyone tell you its NOT serious. IT is. Get a second opinion, even a third opinion, whatever it takes. Ask your Primary Care doctor to find one, A good one.They are the first doctor you have care under, their responsibility is to take care of you….


There are specific reasons for an LP shunt. We just had an info seminar by Medtronic. Sounds like you need more info on the cause of your condition shunt settings and reason to replace with VP. Possibly two different surgeons, too. You need to have considerably more examination and info from your MDs. Don’t hesitate to get second opinions and have someone with you to help gather and record and question. Good Luck!!

Hello @wronnie888, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! Our community will assist you in connecting with other patients who may be going through the same thing you are experiencing.

I’m sorry you are having health complications, any time we are feeling ill is draining but this is an especially tough time of year to be feeling dizzy and faint. I wish you a successful surgical outcome!

I will try and connect you with other patients that may have also gone through having an LP shunt and had to switch to a VP shunt. @cynaburst and @thegoodwife, can you connect with @wronnie888 regarding a VP shunt?

@wronnie888, is there anything that you can do to help you with the dizziness and light headed feeling? When you lay down do you get any relief?

I got a VP shunt 15 years ago. They implanted a reservoir outside my skull with tubing that runs into my abdominal cavity where any excess cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) is absorbed into waste. The surgery took less than an hour, and I have not had any complications since. I know that they can sometimes fail and need revision, but hopefully you will be lucky and not need that. Also, the shunt that I have is not programmable, but I think that the ones they use now are. That means that using a magnet, they can change the settings and make it drain more or less without any kind of invasive procedure.

Wishing you the best with your procedure.

good luck let us know how it worked out

I had been diagnosed with hydrocephalic years ago when I started getting dizziness frequently the doctor recommended a shunt but I declined because of the complications with the shunt that I have heard about. Instead I heard about a supplement that would work on my dizziness and it worked for years. But about 8 years ago it came back and I started up on another supplement that is working. This outcome was due to my situation and I am not saying that it would work on you. But as said before I would get opinions before the surgery

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