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I can honestly tell you that I know what fears and anxiety you are going through. Unknowing and waiting for answers is very difficult. I took lots of meds before my transplant, too. But I do not even remember what they were. All of those tests are giving a picture of what is happening inside you.. Many tests, labs, and scans will create an accurate assessment for your doctors to use in your treatment plan. If you are eligible to move forward to be listed, then you will assigned a pre-transplant nurse (at least this is the way it was at Mayo) and he/she will be able to provide additional support and direction. It sounds like you are headed to Mayo,. Is that right? Believe me, they will adjust your appointments and treatments to match your own medical needs. I hope you will have a better idea of what lies ahead after your appointment.

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Yeah, your right,just gotta deal with it, I will know soon enough. Just stress me a little. I have a just get done with it mentality , which is a blessing and a curse! Yes that is where I go. I started at Shands but changed insurance and they said I could go to Mayo, and I knew their reputation, as well as the fact that they transplant at a lower score.so it was a no brainer.After all the hospitials I have been to,they are nonpariel. I do have a pre-transplant nurse,who is excellent at her job and very helpful..The staff is fantastic over there and I am confident in their abilities.I will see her this visit. Just to clarify I have been going there for the last year. I have been through the evaluation and that was the first letter I received. last fall, it said I would be reconsidered after 3 months, and I still haven’t heard. I guess that is why I am getting anxious. Believe me I am doing everything I can! I guess i will know something at my next appt.From what you wrote my situation is better than I though it was. Thanx

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