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Is that a Mayo Clinic tattoo? on you?

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I am already taking a lot of medicine.the usual list. lasix,aldactone ,xifaxin,pantoprazole ,lactulose, potassium magnisiun etc,etc I was diagnosed 3 years ago and oher than banding and blood transfusion , I guess I am as well as can be expected. I am doing everything I can to stay as healthy as I can, until hopefully this transplant happens. But I am concerned that I am getting to the point where I can no longer be compensated by drug therapy. so I would like to get things moving along. I guess what I am asking is if they are still making appointments for me (MRIs,Echos)would that indicate that I am still under consideration. And Yes it is . They haven’t seen it yet.. Ny Labs came back really well and I know after a transplant you can’t get tattoos. It is the first one I ever got,and probably the only one. I figure they are helping me stay alive, plus only a very few recognize it. This is my fourth appt and they have already told me i will have another one 6 months after this one. If those numbers had not been so bad I wouldn’t worry so much. But it is stuck in my head, But I get them every month and this time there was a big change.

I put a pic of the kind of puppy i am getting and Colleen thinks I am female! HA! I couldn’t get the one of my tattoo right side up, We will try this one..see if anyone knows what it references.hint it is nothing bad. no cheating. Good night and thanks again!

Hi @v1crew, my apologies for the gender mix-up. Craic I know is Irish for “fun and music”, so is it safe to assume that you are someone who likes to share and spread both? (You can’t expect someone with the name Colleen not to recognize the gaelic can you?)

By the way, the discussion here between you and Rosemary has been very informative. So glad you posted your concerns and questions about getting on the transplant list. Welcome to Connect.

Thank you, I am not very good with websites and such, so I could be posting things in the wrong places. But one thing about being am sick, I don’t need to be anywhere at 7 am 6 days a week. so I spend most of my time researching and working towards my medical degree from University of Google!

@v1crew First, where is this picture, I don’t see it on any posts?
It definitely sounds like you are still under consideration if testing and appointments continue. I understand your concern though. I too wondered if I would ever get up there high enough to be a legitimate candidate for transplant. My transplant was in Boston which is an area where MELDs tend to be higher to get transplanted but being a B blood type I was fortunate and was transplanted at MELD 28. It was so much sooner than I anticipated, we were stunned when we got the call and really not totally ready but I pulled almost everything together quickly and off we went, to my future, and it’s been the greatest gift ever, for which I am thankful every day.
I wish you luck in not having terrible symptoms and in having a very timely transplant.
Try to get as much exercise as you can tolerate. I was told that really helps in recuperation and I think it did. At one point I was told that because I had lost weight and had really gotten in shape (as much as possible at my age considering I was never in shape before) my hospital stay could be as short as 4 nights. The last month though things went downhill and I got no exercise so I did end up in for six days.

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