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@mayblin does Wegovy affect quality of food intake or only quantity?

I can see it has benefits but the possible side effects and contraindications seem daunting. I would hope a doctor would cover the likelihood of problems.


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My doctor said she wasn’t aware of any contraindications. My understanding is that it mainly reduces hunger. As we know, in terms of osteoporosis drugs, doctors don’t always seem to grasp the effects on our lives when taking these drugs. They rightly go by the results from clinical trials. But many more effects are learned from reports after drugs are on the market a few years and adverse event reports are collected. So, even though I read the drug digest report, I wanted to reach out to the people who are actually taking these drugs to see what their experiences have been with Forteo and Wegovy. So that’s why I really appreciate hearing your thoughts, questions and experiences.

This is a good point @windyshores. The mechanism of Wegovy indicates regulating appetite via brain. If one has a general well balanced diet and just has a calorie surplus in general, then using Wegovy while on Forteo might be okay. For a diet that is already nutrient deficient, further restriction of daily calories might be too taxing on one’s body.

@vkmov, I didn’t have a weight problem per se, but was actively changing my diet in the past few years for cardio health. Eliminating processed food and go on a well balanced whole food diet helped a lot, although the lure of some “sin food” is hard to resist at times. I’m sure you will find a way to manage your current situation. Hope your FORTEO therapy a great success and please keep us posted when you can.