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Hi there. My husband has a Grade 3 AA, left temporal lobe, the tumor was 8cm large. He’s had two surgeries, one partial resection at first the second more aggressive. He completed 6 wks temodar/radiation then did 10 months temodar as a follow up. We’re in Baltimore so we go to Johns Hopkins. His first surgery was June 2011, the second was January 2014. His MRI’s are still clear at 2+ years, and we go every three months. You look young so I wanted to write back to you… it’s a scary process. My husband was 42 when he was diagnosed.

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The brain is likely the most complicated organ for all of our bodies
operations. You know it from what you’ve witnessed, as do I from when I
had ‘pressure on the brain’ due to forceptual delivery at birth. If a
mistake is made during surgery, it’s seldom able to be corrected. Although
my neurosurgeon team of Jones, Naffzeiger and Brown in 1946 after 3 hours
of operation, came to my mother and father and said; “if the slightest
mistake is made with any of our tools, he can be parilized for life, lose
his speech, hearing, vision and other abilities–what do you want us to
do?” My parents answered “close him up.” The third surgeon did the dirty
work of doing that. However, in the process, he severed a vein (which I
believe was a gift from GOD. That called the other surgeons in to repair
it–but after that “my seizures were able to be controlled with anti
seizure medications as hard as it was at times. I’d seek a second or even
third opinion on something like this, from the most reknowned doctors


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