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I have Crohns disease and have alot of stomach pain. It feels like constant hunger pains. Anyone with similar pain? I take Imuron and it helps some, but I have to eat every couple of hrs to really keep the pain down.

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chicoco- My wife has been on Immuran 2x and she ended up with Mono one of those times. She has been on Remacaid for many years now and has virtually been symptom free. It is a very expensive drug and we are fortunate to have good health insurance.
We get to our deductible pretty quick as she gets an infusion of this drug every 8 weeks. I would highly recommend getting a 2nd opinion on Immuran and ask if taking the Remacaid is at all an option.

@chicoco, my only experience with anything like hunger pains in my Crohn's experience has been a result of taking prednisone at the time. Did these pains always exist, or did they start after starting on the Imuran? I'd talk to your GI doctor about it to rule out the latter and/or any other complications.

thanks for the info. I am going to talk to my doc. but have u ever had the pain that feels like hunger pains

thanks. I do take prednisone for short courses because I also have pulmonary fibrosis. but these pains have always existed

I've never had belly pain like hunger that was disease related.<br><br>

I asked my wife about your question about hunger pains and she has not had any symptom that felt like that. She also has been on Prednisone for short stents and at first she liked the extra energy boost she felt, but then she did not like it after a bit nor the puffiness she was experiencing. I would agree with jay_baruch about talking with your GI doctor about the pains. In my opinion, this should not be something to accept but rather should cause you to seek out a solution.