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Hi @apportee. Welcome to Connect. We’re glad you’ve joined our community. I did a quick search on drugs.com and there is a generic for Cymbalta but if you received the correct dose, it should have still been the same color. Can I ask what color the pill was? Also, have you called your prescriber to let them know what’s going on?

I’m tagging @blindeyepug @workwithkids @salena54 @dlady and @bobsconnect who also take Cymbalta. Have any of you experienced the same thing @apportee is describing?

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Thanks for replaying. Yes I talked to the pharmacist today. The generic I was taking was working just fine. Kept my depression down. I felt good. I felt like somebody. They have to order the Cymbalta I was on, I mean the old generic. I will have to pay 15.00$ for the copay, but my husband said that was okay.

Kelsey, the old generic was blue and white. The generic I am taking one is green and yellow. It is just not working for me.