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a 15x9mm spiculated lung nodule

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I wanted to respond to your message because I sensed your angst with lung nodule… it’s okay feeling like you’re going round in circles at the moment but you’re on the right path, getting it checked out is the first step and the rest will follow when they know more. I noticed you are an ex smoker for 13 years and that’s amazing, it takes a lot of strength to get off those monsters, it’s also not in vain to quit because it’s doing you more good than you’re aware of. I too am an ex smoker, 12 years now and I’m very happy I quit…four years ago I too had a nodule that was observed for three years and became cancer, it was removed in 2020 and in 2022 I had another surgery to remove a nodule, I apparently have several. I’m still here amen and am turning 73 this month. I stopped looking at what I might have done wrong to get into this situation, it won’t help to do this, I work very hard daily to stop looking back at yesterdays and focus on what’s ahead. I wish you good luck with your mission and hope you will stay connected to let us know how you are doing.

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Thank you for your input. I just wish they did something when they first found it instead of watching but I guess it has to get to a certain size. I'm 82 so I don't know if I'm a candidate for surgery if needed. The doctor said that. So who knows. I wish I never started but I guess we all think that way. Trying to get my daughter to stop but she doesn't listen and I don't force but she also vapes and I checked that out smoking & vaping is bad.

you quit! . an amazing accomplishment.focus on that and not that you smoked. the tobacco industry did a great job of hooking a lot if us.