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Starting all over

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I was in a car accident when I was 26 yrs old. Sustained numerous injuries. One was a head concussion that went undetected ended up with post-concussion syndrome and multiple seizures. I have was put on multiple different drugs including Tegretol, phenobarbital, Depakote Dilantin, Neurontin, Keppra horrible side effects. The local pain clinic gave me 12-22 nerve block injections every week without fail for 1year. I asked to take a break because I can no longer explain the pain because it hurts from injecting the same spot every week. Doctor just discharged me saying it was “my negative attitude they not working”. Finally referred to Mayo clinic many years later. Admitted to seizure lab for 10 days, put on Trileptal and have been seizure free since & no migraines. So thankful for all my mayo doctors.

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It can take so long to work things out, with epilepsy and everything else. My 2nd wife and I were in a car accident about 2 weeks after we got married, guy ran the light and T boned us on her side. She had what I know now what was like an absence seizure at the time of the event. Over a course of 8 years she slowly development panic disorder then started having grand mal seizures. She was diagnosed with MS because they found white calcification patches on the film and put on dilantin even though MS usually doesn’t present with seizures. It took years to make the blow to the head the root cause. Sounds like you are handling things well and best of luck in future.

@johnwburns. It does take a long time. I pray that we can change that for our children & grand children. I pray your send wife has found the right treatments now. As far as handling it. Some days not so well. But good people like you and others here on connect remind me, I am not alone. Thank you for your comments and support. 🙂 much appreciated!!

Fortunately, with todays technology things are moving a little faster than years ago. Yet, the brain is a complex organ and it often takes a little longer to diagnose a specific problem.