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Starting all over

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Thank you for encouragement. I to will pray for gods healing in your life. I do love my docs and know they are doing their very best. Very long and difficult (non text book) medical hx. So many side effects from the medications that are just complicating everything. Feels like we take 1 step forward and 4 steps back. I am 42 with 3 young children and trying to do my best. God always carries me through but I guess just needed a reminder. I truly thank you for that!!!

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Thank you for your reply. I know how tough it is tk battle an illness when you have children. When I was first injured I had three boys, the oldsst2, 10, the youngest about four. I tfid to cetudn to work but had to have another spinal surgery in one year. I was offered no job that my sugeon would approve so started college and had to drive approximately 120 miles a day to go. And I was also building a home in the town I still live in, a college town, but still 120 mile daily trip and watching my house go up. Received a BS EE in mid year 1990, but no one would hire me due to my ongoing health issues. So I started selling antiques, but of course the bottom finally fell out of the market. But only thing that got me up in the morning, made me study hard and make good grades, try to buy and sell antiques, was my three boys. I may have hurt like hell, run high fevers, been just not want to move, but I was at every teacher parent conference, plays, musical concerts. My boys helped do things around the house that I couldn’t, like unload and stack wood, some cleaning etc etc. But they heavy into track and basketball, debte clubs. But if you can name me another Father that was blessed to make it to all meetings, all BB games, all track meets, and debates, I’ll show you a very happy and proud Dad! This is the good part of having a screwed up back and whatever was thrown my way. It was great. And now I have a lot of great memories during a rough spot. As for now I’m a cranky old 60yr old with a body of a 90 yr old.LOL. But oh the memories!!! briansr