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Michaelb (@bsox1901)

Received 2 heart transplants at Mayo Clinic

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Hello everyone, Let me start by saying im honored to share my story. I was born on January 22, 1972 in Pensacola Florida. Twenty-Six i was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Eight years later i would have my first transplant at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville. I was very fortunate to have great family support. My transplant was complicated by acute renal failure. Coming up on year 6 post transplant. I was told my heart was dying. I would need another transplant. I developed Coronary Artery Disease. A condition they would call Post Transplant Vasculopathy. On 1/10/2012 I would have my second heart transplant. I suffered a mild heart attack when a blood clot got stuck in my ventilator tubbing. I also suffered a stroke that affected my short term memory and vision. I will end this by saying that I am very fortunate to have great Doctors and Nurses. I hope that was not to long. Thank you.

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Michael, thank you for sharing your inspiring experience. You have been thru a lot already in your life. I am 67 and just celebrated my 7th transplant anniversary for my liver/kidney.
I, too, transplanted at Mayo (Rochester). We who have been fortunate to receive a life saving organ transplant are truly blessed. The medical team at Mayo, and the loving gift of life from our donors, have given us a new life and a new outlook. And we will always be thankful.
I hope you are doing well. Rosemary

Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for sharing … You give me hope!!
Thank you Soo much.

Linda, Hope is a beautiful word! I learned that if you take care of yourself, and hold on to hope, that your difficult journey will be a little more bearable. I’m glad if I was some help. Rosemary.