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@Michellecrcm I have a friend with Hashimotos and her diet is very,
very strict. Have you been educated on that? ladyjane85

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Yes. I’ve been doing AIP diet since October. Could be also the cause of fluctuating thyroid levels and why my dose is lowered. I haven’t completely cut out all gluten, but I am pretty sure I am allergic to it. I just can’t afford to lose weight, I’m very thin.(shocking I know), no one believes I’m hypo by looking at me. You would think I’m hyper. I need to retain my weight and since I’m not a big fan of ice cream or shakes, I don’t know how else to keep weight. Lol! I cut down on dairy(eat mainly eggs and lactaid milk), cut down on refined sugars, added Himalayan salt, herbs into diet, fruits and veggies, meats and fish. I’m aware of goitrogens and don’t eat many. I’m in menopause so I know my hormones are a mess. It’s hard to balance them when one disease overlaps another. I’m sure hashis can cause many of my symptoms, as well as endometriosis. Just hard that endo is a very under researched disease. I am having a hard time finding Drs who know anything about endo other than that it is very painful. Drs keep wanting to just put me on meds and for me it’s just masking the problem rather than helping.

This is my first time here. I have Hashimotos along with Sjogrens, Fibro, and others, but I’ve never been educated on any diet. I would love to learn more about that strict diet for Hashimotos. Thanks.