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I’ve had years of fatigue and dull pain that led to testing you talk about. I ultimately landed at an endocrinologist at Mayo in Rochester (thyroid/cholesterol and stain problems) who recognized possible fibromyalgia characteristics. He ruled out so much then I had a consult with the team that specializes in fibro. I live 7 hours away and I know it was worth the trip for me there. They are efficient and thorough if you are willing. Maybe contacting them could narrow down some of your questions or concerns you could bring to your doc?

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Thank you for all responses. As of now im dealing with my 14 year old daughter who just got dxd with hashis and nodule on thyroid. Her lobes are enlarged as well. UIC university of Chicago with pediatric endocrinologist in a few weeks. As for me I keep hearing bad stories about endocrinologists and really am sick of drcapooitments and tests. My father has hashis and R.A, was diagnosed with stage 2 lymphoma 5 years ago(he beat it yay). I’m just trying to figure out what would cause elevated alt and ast? But I do/did have stage 4 endo. Was on bladder and bowels and abdominal wall. When I research endo on liver it seems to fit the possibility for me. I’m looking for a dr who is experienced in endo on the liver. As my one lesion has grown. I fear eventually I may need surgery. Could thyroid /hashis cause liver elevations? This is nuts I’m going in circles with Drs here and all say different things. I do not take supplements, only levothyroxine. I feel like a hypochondriac. But I know my body and can feel something is being missed.

That’s how I felt about these fevers that were only occuring in evenings.   Don’t give up keep pushing!  Some Dr out there will figure it out.  Just wish at times there was a master list everyone could use.  Good luck!

Hello, You both need to be tested for Angioimmunioblastic T-Cell Lymphoma (Rare), as I read your earlier post and now this one I’d ask to be tested for it. It’s common in children and she has a lot of the same symptons {good cure rate in children} For adults it depends on age and other health issues of patient but you have a lot of same symptons and it can cause swelling in liver or spleen or both. Now I was told it’s painless but I’ve had major pain with mine. It took 2 years to get my diagnosis and by then it is stage 4, Malignant, ect….I looked it up and talked to Lymphoma Society and it’s not uncommon for a long time to get a diagnosis, and by then most patients are 3rd or 4th stage Cancer.