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Procedure scheduling in Jacksonville

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I had to go on waitlist for 4 months to get televisit appt at Mayo Jacksonville , ….then my appt for televisit was 3 months later . Then procedures were 2 months after that !! It was like 9 months in all .
Had 3 tests done , paid 4 k Out of pocket in co pays and hotel stay 3 nights . They said same thing my other Gastro doctor locally said after testing . So basically couldn’t help me w/ my chronic issues .
It was by far disappointing but they do run a tight ship once they schedule you for multiple tests . Esp if you are coming from further away . We are 3 hrs from it .
Good luck , keep calling if they don’t call you .

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Replies to "I had to go on waitlist for 4 months to get televisit appt at Mayo Jacksonville..."

I'm sorry they couldn't help you. I definitely agree with the "keep calling" them strategy...I wish it didn't have to be that way.

For what it's worth, I can relate to the way, the financial investment, and then the disappointment. It's funny/not-funny, I just happened to have an appointment with my rheumatologist today and my neurology NP a few weeks ago, and they both said they have patients who've had similiar experiences being requested/required to re-do multiple tests, and the outcome has been mixed. I was even more disappointed because I had very little help coordinating appointments while I was in town with different departments even though I had referrals. Then, some offices refused telehealth; it was actually pretty disorganized.

But it seems to depend significantly on the department coordinating the appointments.