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Procedure scheduling in Jacksonville

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Thanks..No spam emails or calls..

Where exactly on the portal you can see the notice on 2-6 days for non emergency appts?

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I saw the 2-6 day notice when I sent a message to my nurse coordinator in transplant dept. It was a routine kind of question related to my ongoing care. It was not in the Appointment scheduling dept. My experience might not relate to that particular dept.

Have you called the Appointment office, yet?

It pops up when you try to send a message, but almost every medical center has this now, so I kinda just don’t even notice it.

The trouble with leaving a message with another department or Central Scheduling is it just goes back in the same message queue that takes 2-6 business days for a response.

Glad you were able to call Central Scheduling though. Definitely follow up if you don’t hear back in a few days.

Case in point, I was told I’d receive an appointment last Monday (this is also a Jacksonville department), and “someone” would call me. Loe and behold, there is no appointment scheduled in the portal, and no one has called me yet.

I fear when I call tomorrow (I thought it fair to give them a full week), I fear they’ll tell me again all of their June appointments (the slate of appointments that opened last week) are filled again. Thankfully, I have the direct number for the specific scheduling desk I need…I just…can’t get the appointment I need scheduled.

Hopefully we both get a resolution soon!