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Arachnoiditis: Trying to find a specialist

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There aren't many doctors that treat arach BUT There is a doctor in California that treats it. He is retirement age and is booked full BUT he has a AA handbook that has the treatment protocol in it that he made specifically for us to give our doctors for them to use. It takes some talking but usually if you sign a release to keep the doc covered in case of your death-so the family wont sue him for using drugs that help but are off label. Look up http://www.painandhormones.com for the protocol. I am on about half of them and only take percocet so it is working

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Do you also have positive ana and elevated crp? Do you take any lupus meds?

Hi @danispiderspine, The website you posted is no longer available. Did you post the correct URL?

Hi @danispiderspine, is the the doctor you are referring to Dr. Tennant? I found an interesting article that may be the same doctor.

New Treatment Gives Hope to Arachnoiditis Patients (July 9, 2016)


Dr. Tennant is retiring and cannot take patients. Having some trouble with DEA, somebody complained. Too bad, he was trying to help.

I have Adhesive Arachnoiditis and have all symptoms of lupus. Taking pain medication over a long period of time seems to rob you of your happiness. I have found three wonderful female doctors that have started helping me with the chronic inflammation in my body. LDN (3 mg from Compound Pharmacy) works over time. Plaquenil 100 mg (Lupus medicine) in the morning and LDN at night. This has helped me more than any pain pill! My blood work has improved. Your hair will start to grow back. My legs don’t fell like lead pipes.

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