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Lung volume

Lung Health | Last Active: Mar 15, 2017 | Replies (22)

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Hi @johnnyv46, welcome to Connect. Sometimes fear can paralyze us. I get that. But only by asking questions can we find answers to get help. That’s why I’m glad you had the courage to ask your question here on Connect today.

I’m inviting fellow Connect members @katemn @elsinann @Paula_MAC2007 @pd02 @nadine66 into this discussion. They all are dealing with a lung condition of one type or another and have experienced lower lung capacity.

Johnny, what lung condition do you have? Tell us a bit more about yourself.

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Thank you for your thoughtful response. I will be going for a battery of lung tests on May 31, 2016 and will better understand what 15% lung capacity means in the overall scheme of things, as it relates to my empyema.
I’ll will keep you posted and again thank you.

Hi this is Rama from India..am suffering from chronic polymyositis for about 12 years..now am at 29 ..firstly i found difficulty to squat so I consulted neurologist in that hospital they taken so many tests but all were negative atlast they suggested me to take muscle biopsy and it found as Chronic polymyositis and they given me prednisone and some physio exercises but day by day my muscle got weak and I found difficulty in climbing stairs and in walking I found some difficulty so I consulted another hospital there they given imuran 50 and so on but no use..at last at the age of 26 i found difficulty to walk also without support I cannot walk and even my upper limbs got affected so I taken stem cell therapy now my weakness is constant but no improvement ..I cannot able to do my routine work..can you please suggest me is there any improvement in my disease and also ready to take treatment in your hospital..kindly help me through this
Rama G

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