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Obviously, none of us is a doctor or nurse. I have Gastroparesis and have read a lot of gastric emptying scintigraphy results through support groups. You can look online for the normal ranges for each hour of the test. For Hour 1, the range of normal is from 30% to 90%, which means your 36% was within the normal range. I can’t find a normal lower range for hour two because most of the “dumping” (excessively quick emptying) that occurs is within that first hour. That means that emptying (or having 10% or less) after two hours could be within the normal range.

However, it would be up to an individual doctor’s clinical experience to interpret results in weird cases. For example, I had very slow emptying through Hour 3 of my test and then ended up emptying most of my stomach contents before the Hour 4 image. My doctor judged me to have Gastroparesis and some level of dumping. In your case, however, you only emptied 26% in that one hour, so that may not be considered too fast.

As others have mentioned, I’d think about finding a doctor who takes a more proactive approach to getting you answers—not leaving you for two weeks without test results. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced some bad GI doctors myself and suspect you’re going to need to get to a good academic medical center. The Facebook Gastroparesis group is quite active and has lots of people who can recommend doctors across the country.

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Me too I have gastroparesis I pain I the but .my my doctor took me off the Ragland because of my heart took me off the regular medicine because of my heart problems so now I'm just doing dieting for the gastropriosis is it's a pain I have symptoms from time to time stomach pain and nausea and throwing up I'm on a I try to keep my diet very strict