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Everyone’s journey is different. September 29 an ultrasound on my kidney’s found a 4.2 cm mass. Report said “Suspicious for renal cell carcinoma.” October 12 - MRI. Confirmed mass in kidney with central location. October 17 consult with firstUrologist. Recommended partial nephrectomy. October 20 - CT of chest to rule out lung metastasis. December 5 - second urologist consult. His opinion was radical nephrectomy secondary to location of tumor. Tumor in center of kidney next to renal artery. December 21- had third opinion from different urologist. Recommendation was partial nephrectomy. All three said the same thing that 90% old renal growths/mass/tumors are cancerous and needs to be removed. None of the three pushed for a biopsy of my kidney. All three suggested and or stated that they were not fully reliable. I decided to have the radical nephrectomy based on the information I received. I chose to have the “cancer” removed and entire kidney resected. January 12 - radical nephrectomy was done. Out of hospital in less than 24 hours from surgery and am progressing well, except for high blood pressure. January 19 - I receive the pathology report and the tumor was non-cancerous, it was deemed a “oncocytoma” a rare benign tumor. I had diagnostic tests, three separate urology consults, a nephrology consult and I made my decision. The “best laid plans of mice and men.” I now have one working kidney, right kidney removed and the tumor was found to be non-cancerous. WOW! Now of all things I have guilt, with knowing I do not have cancer. Why me? The statistics to have what I have are overwhelmingly rare. Blessings to all as you navigate this maze of treatment. Blessings to all to find strength. Blessings to all to find peace.

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After surviving esophageal cancer treatment, they found tumor on my left kidney via scans. Biopsy showed it was renal cell carsonoma and they did surgery to just remove tumor as they caught it early enough. Now both kidneys are still working fine and no followup required.