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@katrina123 , I had a mastectomy 4 yrs ago. Following the surgery my right side ribcage area was sore to lay on. Like I was laying on something and it was pushing on my ribs. I thought it was from surgery and would get better. Fast forward - my shoulder blade had terrible spasms that would cause me 7-9 level pain. I would work thru these, chiropractor & massage. Finally PT & acupuncture. The acupuncturist identified it as scar tissue and PT therapist agreed. My Serratus Anterior muscle was affected.
Long story short, I have been working on my posture, doing acupuncture for a year now (alleviated muscle spasms) & chiro is all helping. I believe that the acupuncture has made the difference along with me doing exercises to work the serratus anterior muscle.
I know you had a lumpectomy, but food for thought, acupuncture may help you. Also Heat on the affected area. Good luck & Blessings

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I had a lumpectomy 4yrs ago completely numb in my armpit,
2yrs later just 4days before my 50th birthday l had a mastectomy on the same side (right) took a long time looking at nothing...
Just before my 52nd birthday it is now in my spine & neck.
Crap birthdays LoL.
But in saying all that my right side has been completely numb since the 1st operation. I hope you feel better very soon sweetie no body deserves this.
Stay strong💓