Perhaps you have been diagnosed with a weight related medical condition or maybe you want to create some healthier habits. No matter the reason, we are glad you have joined us. The Weight Management page has tips, recipes and information from Mayo Clinic experts to help you create a healthier lifestyle. And if weight loss in one of your goals, you can learn more about options available to support your journey, including lifestyle changes, medication, procedures or surgery.

One of the strategies patients consider to support their weight loss journey is using a weight loss medication. Before meeting with a health care team to discuss weight loss options, it can be beneficial to understand your options.

Types of Medications

There are five medications approved by the FDA for weight loss. These medications work in different ways. Some work by suppressing appetite, and others work in the gut by decreasing the amount of fat absorbed or slowing down how quickly the stomach empties. The medications also have different potential side-effects, including change in mood, diarrhea or nausea.

Working with the right provider

If you are interested in weight loss medications, it is important to work with a provider with expertise prescribing these medications. They can help you determine which option is the best for you and go through side effects, interactions with other medications and possible benefits.

How Mayo Clinic’s Advanced Weight Management Program can help

Mayo Clinic’s Advanced Weight Management Program team can discuss more about medication options during a visit. You can learn more about Mayo Clinic’s Advanced Weight Management Program by calling 507-284-1600.