Volunteer Profile: Kaushik Kancharla

Jul 26, 2019 | prudyknaak | @prudyknaak

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Let me introduce you to Kaushik Kancharla. He is a 2019 Century High School graduate who attended University of Minnesota Rochester as a PSEO (Post-Secondary Education Opportunity) student.  Five students are accepted into the program each year and challenged to begin college early.  Besides attending college classes each day, he was also a Mayo Clinic Young Volunteer exemplifying all the valued traits of an outstanding volunteer.

During our conversation, Kaushik identified the three keys to opening the door to a positive patient and visitor experience.  His first key is reliability, which is demonstrated by always being on time and by being available to substitute for others when asked.  Professionalism is his second key to success.  He understands that volunteers are a part of the face of Mayo Clinic and must always be in the proper attire, must always wear a bright smile, and have the knowledge to answers questions of patients and visitors. As a surgical messenger at Saint Marys Campus, this was imperative for Kaushik. Key three is to demonstrate caring and support of patients and visitors by finding a commonality between the patient and visitor and himself through words and actions. He was positive about making the patient and visitor feel like they are in a pleasant place and not just a hospital setting.   Meeting Kaushik made me stop and think how much today’s teens have to offer and how important it is for us to acknowledge and be proud of them in all that they do.  Thank you for that lesson.

Kaushik values his strong work ethic, his interest in medicine, his family and friends, and the opportunities he has had by being part of Mayo Clinic.  He is an exceptional mentor to the teens in the Mayo Clinic Young Volunteers Program.

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